Flight attendant breastfeeds passenger's crying baby


24-year-old Patricia Organo had been working aboard a Philippine Airlines flight late last month when a tiny newborn passenger started to wail. And so I offered.

After approaching the mum she found out that the baby was hungry - but the mother had run out of formula milk.

With no formula on board, Organo - who happens to be the mother of a almost one-year-old daughter herself - knew there was only one thing she could do: offer her own supply.

"The helplessness you feel when you can not feed your hungry child is disgusting, so I had to step in", said the mum-of-one. "I thought to myself, there's only one thing I could offer and that's my own milk", she recalled.

She said: 'As soon as I heard the child's cry, I knew there had to be something that I could do to help.

Organo said the flight's supervisor, Sheryl Villaflor, took the mother to a private part of the plane so that she could be there while Organo breastfed the baby.

"I saw the relief on her mother's eyes", she wrote.

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The mother said she had come up short on her baby formula.

"More than inspired, I have a mother's heart that knows what the baby needs", she gushed.

'But later on, just before I left, the mother sincerely thanked me for all of my help. On November 6, she was scheduled to undergo a "check flight" to be able to qualify as Evaluator, which is one of the duties of an Assistant Line Administrator. Patrisha Organo, Flight Attendant/Breastfeeding Advocate.

"Thank you, Lord for the gift of mother's milk", Organo wrote. Sadly, there was no formula milk on the flight which meant feeding the hungry crying infant was not going to be possible.

Patrisha Organo, 24, breastfeeding a strangers child during a flight.

The moving post has gone insane viral, wracking up 6.6K comments and 30,889 shares since it was shared on November 7.

"In my early days of breastfeeding, I would really like to give up, but because I have the strong support of my husband, I kept going", she says. "But as a mother myself I knew the stress she would've been going through".