Democrats snatch first House seats from Republicans in US midterms


As for Republicans retaining control of the Senate, she called it "a huge moment and victory for the president". McAdams believes that Republicans and Democrats are effectively the same.

Democrats sustained a net loss of 13 governorships under Obama, according to the Republican Governors Association. Marsha Blackburn triumphed in Tennessee. The results will start coming in shortly after the voting concludes. We will be at both the headquarters for Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Republican challenger Marc Molinaro. He was defeated by Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.

Brown handily defeated fourth-term Rep. Jim Renacci, who dropped a governor's bid to run for Senate at Trump's urging. They were heavy favorites in their races. And Florida has a competitive US Senate election, where Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson has led Republican Governor Rick Scott by a few points. What was not normal was that Menendez had been indicted on corruption charges and escaped with hung jury.

Many Democratic candidates in tight races shied away from harsh criticism of Trump, focusing instead on bread-and-butter issues like maintaining health insurance protections for people with pre-existing medical conditions and safeguarding the Social Security retirement and Medicare healthcare programs for senior citizens.

"Ever since President Trump has been in office, it has just been not the country that I am used to or that I thought I would be in", said Sarah Roth, 22, a Democratic voter from Minnetonka, Minnesota.

"It's all fragile. Everything I told you, it can be undone and changed by Democrats if they get in", Trump told supporters during a telephone town-hall organized by his campaign before Air Force One took off for Cleveland.

As one of the most volatile midterm elections in US history wound down, the Democrats drew ever closer to the 218 seats needed for a majority, with dozens of races still undecided. For example, Golden, who will be sworn in along with other winners on January 14, will have to be mindful he's from a fairly conservative district, Shortell said. Republicans are expected to hold 52 Senate seats and to retain their majority.

Whether they flip the House or not, Democrats are still expected to gain seats in the chamber, given the favorable political environment for Democrats.

"We did have two maniacs stop a momentum that was incredible, because for seven days nobody talked about the elections", the President said at a Missouri rally last week.

First of all, with 435 seats in the House of Representatives, the first party to hit 218 seats as election results roll in tonight wins. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota seemed at greatest peril of losing.

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Striking a dark tone at a rally in IN on Monday evening, Mr Trump accused Democrats without offering any evidence of "openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws, violate our borders and overrun our country".

The Republican grip on high-profile governorships in Florida, Georgia and Wisconsin were at risk as well. More than two-thirds rate the economy as good, compared to 36 percent only two years ago. They also made inroads into Trump country as Democrats tried to win back white working-class voters.

"The 'resistance, ' they call it", Richard Milner, 66, a boat inspector from Norfolk, Virginia, said of Trump's opponents.

Trump - a 72-year-old former reality TV star and businessman-turned-politician - had hardened his rhetoric down the stretch on issues that appealed to his conservative core supporters, issuing warnings about a caravan of Latin American migrants headed to the border with Mexico and condemnations of liberal American "mobs". "Trump needs help in Congress", Mooney said, adding that he was "disappointed and embarrassed" by the way Democratic senators treated Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, during his confirmation hearings. Dean Heller versus Democrat Jacky Rosen in Nevada; Democrat Kyrsten Sinema versus Republican Martha McSally in Arizona; Democratic Sen.

Senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of MA easily won re-election as they consider bids for the Democratic presidential nomination. Ted Cruz in Texas.

In southern Oregon, Democrat Jeff Golden, a river guide and public television production manager, edged Republican Jessica Gomez to take Republican Sen.

Rashida Tlaib, a social worker born in Detroit to Palestinian immigrant parents, won a House seat in a district where she ran unopposed by a Republican candidate. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and potential 2020 presidential candidate Sen.

But the Republicans could lose up to 10 state gubernatorial races.

Four GOP seats in Orange County, including two where the incumbent Republicans retired, were in play, along with three other seats to the north beyond Los Angeles and into the Central Valley. Thad Cochran would go to a late November runoff. IN is Trump country (and the home state of Vice President Mike Pence), but Donnelly is slightly ahead in most recent polls.