County Reports First Flu Death of Season, Urges Vaccinations


However, the flu is most prevalent during the fall and winter months. However, anytime during the flu season would be ok. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, called last year's influenza outbreak "a high severity season" across all age groups. This year, many communities are reporting cases of the flu already, and some have even reported deaths attributed to the flu.

Health unit officials are reminding everyone that the best way to protect against the influenza virus and lower your risk of flu is to get the flu vaccine.

The 2018-2019 is hard to predict.

The flu virus spreads quickly.

Virginia Beach Department of Public Health nurses and Virginia Beach Medical Reserve Corps volunteer nurses will administer free flu shots on November 14.

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Avoid contact with people who are ill. "Don't go visit your grandpa or grandma in a long-term care home if you feel like you're sick, because you're going to be taking it into a vulnerable population". Confine yourself to your bedroom to protect your loved ones. Leon had never had a serious illness. The flu is spread by coughing, sneezing, and unclean hands.

Abstain from touching your nose and eyes.

Keeping common surface areas clean and disinfected. Every flu season, there are predominant strains of the virus, so medical experts predict which strains will be most active, and they formulate the vaccines in response. Once a person gets sick from a pathogen, the body "remembers" it and is less likely to get sick from it again. "The other thing is if the strain has changed enough, the vaccine doesn't cover it all, or, if the strain wasn't expected appears, then obviously we tend to get worse years in terms of number of cases than anticipated". In addition, a flu vaccine can take a couple weeks to really start "working" - this means that encountering the flu (even one of the strains in the flu vaccine) can cause illness. (2018, July 12). The flu season. While the shot doesn't always prevent flu in kids or adults, according to the CDC, it "offers the best defense against getting flu and spreading it to others". (2018, October 11). Summary of the 2017-2018 influenza season.

When the immune system is exposed to a flu hemagglutinin protein - either on a virus or in a vaccine - it produces antibodies to the protein.