Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 gets a balancing patch


Activision recently confirmed that after launching the Black Market update on Xbox One and PC, they would be focusing on issues concerning the use of in-game exploits.

It further added: "As a reminder of our enforcement policy in Black Ops 4: Any player who abuses an exploit in game code or other established rule of play is subject to penalty".

Although, it's important to point out that Black Ops 4 isn't locking any game changing content (powerful weapons, perks etc.) behind pay walls. Each player gets a character to choose known as a specialist.

"We are now tracking players implementing an exploit that allows multiple copies of the same Perk to be equipped in Multiplayer", Treyarch explains. As for the Special Orders, Treyarch has outlined how they work. Treyarch released another round of updates to BO4 with this October 31 game settings update. Are you into sitting behind a barrier, tactically holding off different portions of the map and deploying your team cover? But you'll learn little or nothing about things like just how useful adding grips to your gun can be, or what differences to expect between 5.56 and.45 ammo. The total unpredictability of how you might encounter other players is part of the draw of the battle royal genre, after all.

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Specialists have access to tools like trip-mines, grenade launchers, ballistic shields and even an adorable attack dog- loveable right until you're on the wrong end of his bite. Blackout is very similar to the current top battle royale titles, and because of that, it feels like it's chasing the current leaders, rather than searching for a path of its own.Blackout has identified some of the problems of other battle royale titles and fixed them, while also putting a bit of a Call of Duty spin on the whole idea.

One of the best features the Call of Duty franchise had is also the one that ensured the series' popularity and success over the time. You'll be able to see who within your 20 player squad is slacking, and who is picking up said slack.

Lastly, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Season Pass owners will receive a bonus of 1000 COD Points and 300 Nebulium Plasma for use in Zombies.