Apple MacBook Air, iPad Pro, Mac Mini Price Announced In India


If you've put off replacing your laptop waiting for the right device that's easy to use, carry and is simply kickass all the way through, Apple may have just the flawless answer for you. However, not everyone is a devote Apple-only user. Find out which specs we think are worth whispering about. At the Brooklyn Academy of Music in NYC, Apple demonstrated their new plan to reinvigorate lackluster sales with higher-priced devices, similar to their price hike of their phones with last year's iPhone X. The list of upgraded products includes the long-anticipated MacBook Air, the Mac mini - a compact and powerful desktop alternative-and the iPad Pro.

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The 128 GB variant of the MacBook Pro 13-inch Core i5 comes for Rs 1,19,000 while the 256 GB variant will be available at Rs 1,39,000. That starting price above is for the Wi-Fi-only version with 64GB of storage on board. The new 11-inch base iPad Pro comes with a $799 price tag. The tablets (the big one especially with 1TB of storage) can cost a ton of money and they feature several fundamental changes, so more time is needed for definitive conclusions.

Apple has dropped its lightning port in favour of USB-C which connects to charge the unspecified battery.

Meanwhile, the T2 chip with its secure enclave is the same thing Apple put in the iMac Pro previous year, which itself, is just an upgraded version of the T1 chip from 2016 and 2017 MBPs.

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Revamped to be the go-to device for two major functions - a laptop replacement and a tablet for gaming, the revamped iPad Pro now comes in three sizes: the brand new 11 inch, the 12.9 inch and the 10.5 inch.

That's not to say it's a bad screen in any way - Apple's TrueTone technology and the 120Hz refresh rate both really do add something to the quality of the experience, while HDR content is rich in detail. If you like the wallpapers, download and enjoy. All that, plus the best noise cancelling headphones reviewed and more.

Apple's new iPad Pro also gets a better screen with better colour, a thinner body, and support for a new Apple Pencil that is held magnetically on the side. It will come with Face ID that functions regardless of how you hold the device orientated, a refurbished exterior design, a new edge-to-edge display, the first USB-C in any type of iOS device ever, shocking performance, and support for the latest Apple Pencil.

It's not uncomfortable, and it makes the iPad a touch more grippy, but it lacks the premium feel a curved piece of metal offers in the hand. Apple could simply share more, right? This feat goes to the new septa-core graphics chip, against the quad-core GPU in the A12 Bionic that powers the 2018 iPhones.

Sure, you can buy some nice Bluetooth options, and you may already have some.