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The painting could be seen in Sunday night's episode of "60 Minutes", which interviewed Trump at the White House.

If you look closely at the screenshot 60 Minutes shared, there is also a bowl of Starburst candy near the photo.

He painted Trump's face twice - the first one he was "happy with" but said "it wasn't the smile we usually see, so I found a bunch of photographs with this particular smile and I thought it seemed more appropriate".

The Washington Post reported on Friday that the White House was reconsidering a policy known as "zero tolerance" that caused almost 3,000 children to be taken from their caregivers and placed in federal custody after they were apprehended crossing the border earlier this year.

Thomas has previously produced a series of paintings showing groups of Democratic presidents and groups of Republican presidents playing poker and pool, or sitting around a table.

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Thomas told the Daily Beast that Republican Rep. Darrell Issa gave Trump the painting, which costs $US155 to $US1,700, depending on the size and edition. He also admitted he's a nostalgic painter, specializing in cowboy scenes.

President Donald Trump displayed a painting titled "The Republican Club" in the White House Oval Office.

"It's really Donald Trump all over". Lincoln is opposite him and Reagan, George HW and George W Bush, an avuncular Theodore Roosevelt, and a tickled Dwight Eisenhower to Trump's right. All the men appear to be sharing a joke. "Legally. And I want them to come in on merit", Trump told reporters at the White House on Saturday.

A post on Thomas' website said the painting had a "subtle feminist message" because there is a woman in the background walking toward the table.

The world's most delusional man has pretty much topped all his other self-aggrandizing feats with this: a painting of Trump sat down with former Republican presidents of years gone by, just enjoying a drink and a chinwag. Hear what President Trump has to say about some of the issues that will likely be motivating voters at the ballot.