Twitter Releases Tweets Showing Foreign Attempts to Influence US Politics


Twitter said on Wednesday that it had identified 3,841 accounts affiliated with the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency, a Russian "troll farm" that has been indicted by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller for attempts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.

In line with our strong principles of transparency and with the goal of improving understanding of foreign influence and information campaigns, we are releasing the full, comprehensive archives of the Tweets and media that are connected with these two previously disclosed and potentially state-backed operations on our service.

It found another 770 Twitter accounts that it traced back to Iran.

The data: The data sets cover 4,611 accounts Twitter believes to be linked with misinformation campaigns originating in Russian Federation and Iran and include over 10 million tweets and more than two million images, GIFs, or videos.

Twitter on Wednesday released a massive trove of data associated with foreign influence and misinformation campaigns spanning almost a decade - just three weeks before the US midterm elections.

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Early analysis by the BBC's data journalism team indicates the word "Brexit" was mentioned in 3,789 tweets linked the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA), almost all of which were published on the day of the vote or afterwards.

"It is clear that information operations and coordinated inauthentic behavior will not cease".

"Russia's troll operation primarily targeted Russian speakers, while Iran's focused on pushing regime messaging overseas by promoting aligned websites. On many occasions, they pushed both sides of divisive issues", the Atlantic Council wrote. "It tried to use social media to draw people toward pro-regime messaging sites", said Nimmo, whose lab published a detailed analysis of the tweets on Wednesday.

"The Russian operation was much more skilled". The army of fake accounts Tweeted out 1,102 posts with the hashtag #ReasonsToLeaveEU.