PS4 Messages Designed to Brick Your Console Reported By Users


PS4 users are warning others that a private message being sent contains characters, that when viewed, force players to factory reset their consoles in order to get it working again. Reports began to circulate on Reddit about the console-breaking bug, which apparently comes in the form of an unintelligible message that's appearing in the inboxes of some PS4s.

While the exact cause is unclear, many users in the Reddit thread have likened the exploit to previous messaging exploits such as this one from 2015 in which a unique string of characters could crash an iPhone. The origin of the message is unknown, however the first recorded mention of the bug came from Reddit and all instances sighted so far seem to include three heart emojis followed by a question mark box symbol, which then causes the system to crash and brick. The app is free on both iOS and Android, and it's an easy way to both delete messages and block users. Messaging, and set Messages to either Friends (if you trust them) or No One. "Messages" via the Sony Entertainment Network website and clicking the edit button near Messages to change your default settings. To do this simply go to settings, account management, privacy settings, personal information, messaging, and selecting one of the above options. Sony says that this rebuild might also help PS4 owners having issues like game freezes or frame rate drops.

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According to user BorgDrone, basically, someone can "brick" another's PS4 just by using "a message created to exploit a mistake in the code".