Pro-Trump Mob Assaults Protesters in NYC: "Are You Brave Now, F*ggot?!"


Three men were arrested Friday night after violent brawls in the streets of NY following a speech by the leader of a far-right organization given in Manhattan.

Meanwhile, police Monday released new video from the fight Friday night on East 82nd Street after Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnis gave a speech at the Metropolitan Republican Club. The NYPD tweeted photos of the "persons-of-interest" Sunday after complaints that police had failed to arrest Proud Boys members caught on video attacking counter-protesters, the Washington Post reports. Three people were arrested.

In total, nine members of the "Proud Boys", a right-wing, men-only activist group founded by Gavin McInnes, now of CRTV, could face charges. The male-only Proud Boys describe themselves as "western chauvinists".

"We will not tolerate any violence on the streets of New York City, and anyone, from any group, who participates in violence will be vigorously investigated", Shea said.

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"So the president is on the stump today saying 'the Democrats are a mob, the Democrats will bring chaos, they are leftists, ' and then coincidentally, the Republican Party in the State of NY invites a group known for violence and for hate speech".

During a trip to Israel in 2017, McInnes said that his visit was making him anti-Semitic, that Israelis have a "whiny paranoid fear of Nazis", and that Jews were ultimately responsible for World War II.

But those protesting the polarizing speaker apparently committed vandalism hours earlier, spray-painting anarchy symbols on the club doors, damaging locks and breaking windows. While multiple witnesses claim it was the Proud Boys who were the aggressors, no other arrests were made on the scene.

The note also took aim at Democrats, calling them the Republicans' "spineless partners-in-crime".