PETITION: Fire State Wildlife Official Who Brutally Killed An Entire Baboon Family


A U.S. wildlife official is facing calls to resign after photographs of him posing with a family of baboons that he killed with a bow and arrow while on holiday in Africa were made public.

Blake killed numerous animals in Namibia, when there he said he received a list of species he could hunt and was required to pay a trophy fee for certain animals.

Fischer's emails, obtained by KBOI through Governor Butch Otter's office, include photos of a giraffe, leopard, impala, antelope and waterbuck Fischer killed. Pictures that he sent to more than 100 friends and coworkers show him smiling while holding up the dead bodies of what he described as a "family of baboons", seemingly an adult pair with an adolescent and baby.

He boasted about using the baboon kills to introduce his wife to African game hunting. Anyways, my wife and I went to Namibia for a week. first she wanted to watch me and "get a feel" of I shot a whole family of baboons.

Former commission member Fred Trevey also called on Fischer to resign, saying: 'Sportsmanlike behavior is the center pin to maintaining hunting as a socially acceptable activity'. "What bothers me is he's got the family there and a little baby baboon sitting there with blood all over it, kind of like in the mother's arms", Alder said.

But one thing is clear, Noah said: If he were Warren and entering a presidential debate against Trump, he would make sure they were playing a certain Rihanna song when she walked onstage.

"I didn't do anything illegal", he said.

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In a letter to Idaho Gov. C.L.

At the very least, the photos have caused controversy making people question Blake's ability to continue being a commission member.

Fischer, who told the Statesman he received a call from a fellow commissioner expressing concerns about the photo, said he apologized for sending the pictures, but defended the hunt. I didn't do anything unethical.

One of the more controversial photos included "a family of baboons" he reportedly killed.

Steve Alder of pro-hunting group Idaho for Wildlife told the Statesman he too hopes Fischer resigns. You just don't do that.

"I recently made some poor judgments that resulted in sharing photos of a hunt in which I did not display an appropriate level of sportsmanship and respect for the animals I harvested", Fischer wrote. Those regulations are meant to require ethical behavior in the pursuit of wildlife.

The Idaho Game and Fishing Commission has seven members, who are subject to appointment by Governor Otter, and further confirmation by the national Senate.