New Kindle Paperwhite is Waterproof


The all-new Kindle Paperwhite comes with twice the storage so you can keep more content on your device. With this, the customers will be able to read a selection of more than a million titles for free. This ultimately means you can save more content on your device than you could in the past. In sum, the Kindle Paperwhite does a lot more than display text - but it crucially remains free of distractions, which I consider to be quite an awesome feat. The all-new Kindle Paperwhite is available for pre-order today for ₹ 12,999 at and will start shipping November 14.

To conclude, the new Kindle Paperwhite is a significantly good update to the previous model with some really useful features. Each comes with a six month trial of Kindle Unlimited. And thanks to newly added IPX8 water-resistance, the 2018 Paperwhite is joining the Oasis as the only other Kindle that's not afraid to get wet. The new Paperwhite has a thinner and lighter design with a flush-fitting front display and waterproofing. In fact, this particular Kindle is, "less than half the weight of many paperback books" but reads nearly exactly the same with the high resolution 300 pixels per inch (PPI) display that brings crisp, glare-free text. However, despite the five LEDs the display retains its glare-free aspect irrespective of any setting.

Waterproofing is one of the main features of the new tablet and the Paperwhite is the first waterproof Kindle with IPX8 rating.

The new Kindle is lighter and thinner than last year's Kindle Oasis, has a bluetooth for playing Audible books, and is water-resistant.

Double the storage of its previous generation at 8 GB.

Amazon has introduced its next generation Kindle Paperwhite in India.

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It also has Audible capabilities, so you can listen to audiobooks by pairing Bluetooth headphones.

Meanwhile, the new Paperwhite's plastic body is now 10-per cent thinner and lighter, while still retaining the same 6-inch 300 PPI e-ink screen found on the existing model. After six months, Kindle Unlimited is just $9.99 per month.

We're talking a wasp 8.18 mm waist and a 182-gram weight, which is apparently more than twice as light as "many paperback books".

Owners of Amazon's new Kindle Paperwhite can read ebooks anywhere thanks to a new design which makes the device waterproof. Users can also view reading accomplishments, like how many days in the past month they've read, as well as fun facts and tips so they can get the most out of their device. You can personalise your reading experience on the Kindle with multiple reading and orientation settings which you can switch to quickly from the settings menu.

The new Kindle comes along with 2 new features, like an 'updated home', which will help the user to find the next read based on the user's reading history.