Google Maps releases real-time location sharing for iPhone


And now that feature is rolling out for iOS users as well.

It has been over a year since Google introduced the ability to share your real-time location within Google Maps with folks you choose, and now the feature is getting improved.

Google has added a new feature to Google Maps for iOS: the ability to send an ETA to someone else. You'll be presented with the option to share your live location, route, and ETA with your favorite contacts. The update also includes support for sharing across 3rd-party apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.

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There's an obvious benefit to the feature: users can keep track of someone whose trip may otherwise be concerning. You start your navigation and tap the up arrow button, and select "Share trip progress".

The process of accessing the feature is much the same as it was before. Naturally, once your journey ends, you'll automatically stop sharing your location.

You can download the update for the app now via the Play Store or the App Store. But today's update actually makes it possible to share that information outside of the Google Maps app.