Banksy: Shredding of auctioned painting failed


In the video, we see a person (presumably Banksy) constructing the picture frame from scratch - shredder included - before transitioning to the Sotheby's action, complete with candid recordings.

A gallery assistant poses with "Girl with Balloon" 2006 artwork by Banksy at Lazinc Gallery in London July 11, 2018.

Banksy posted a video on his website explaining that the painting was supposed to be entirely shredded by the device.

But in a clip entitled Shred the love, the Director's Cut, the secretive artist said that the shredding had worked "every time" in rehearsals, alongside footage of an identical-looking artwork being shredded from top to bottom.

The auction of Girl With Balloon attracted a winning bid of £860,000 (approximately $1.4 million once the buyer's fee was factored in).

After the anonymous British artist self-destructed one of his most iconic artworks, "Girl with Balloon", some art experts had questioned how it was possible to pull the stunt off without Sotheby's (auction house) knowledge.

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Banksy has posted a video showing how he managed to shred his Girl With Balloon painting immediately after it was sold at auction. Partial shredding of the masterpiece is shown, as auctioneers rushed to take the work off the wall and out of the room.

"Some people think it didn't really shred".

Perhaps in the end the real story isn't that Banksy destroyed his painting, but ended up creating a new piece of art after all even when it didn't go completely as planned.

He said the reason the shredder wasn't detected by Sotheby's staff is they had been instructed the frame was a key part of the work.

Now a week later, the same piece of shredded art "Girl With Balloon" has a new name (approved by Banksy) - "Love Is in the Bin" - according to an announcement from Sotheby's on October 11.