Woodward says 'key' Trump official told him book is ‘1000-percent correct’


Donald Trump Jr. bemoaned the "much smaller" group of aides his father can trust after the publishing of the anonymous New York Time op-ed and Bob Woodward's White House memoir during an interview aired Tuesday on ABC.

"People who are well respected in this administration have come out and denied it", he said. After all, Colbert manages to work in plenty of Woodward's bona fides during the interview, including how many books he's written (Fear is number 19), his Pulitzers (two), and how many presidents he's covered (nine).

Deutsche Bank was under investigation by the Justice Department for both its role in a " mirror trading " scheme with Russian oligarchs that allowed them to launder cash out of Russia in the face of USA sanctions, and for its mortgage practices amid the financial crisis, which regulators sought a $14 billion fine for. "So I think it's - in a sense - the wrong phrase".

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis, in turn, is quoted as saying the president has the mental capacity of a "fifth or sixth grader", while Chief of Staff John Kelly is quoted as calling Mr Trump "an idiot".

Mattis, and multiple other administration officials, have denied the comments attributed to them in "Fear". Because that's somebody who knows that I worked hard on this and tried to dig in and excavate what the reality was.

Trump officials have rushed to distance themselves from the op-ed and from Woodward's book, both of which depict a White House mired in dysfunction, with aides disparaging the Republican president and working to prevent him from making disastrous decisions. Instead, The Times reported that federal prosecutors in a separate inquiry issued a subpoena for entities that were connected to White House senior adviser and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner. "It's a way to say you're important to this story, I take you seriously".

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Trump Jr. also predicted that "there will never be a conclusive end" to the investigation, predicting that Democrats would use the probe "as a permanent asterisk on my father's record" and use it to "sway midterms - they'll try to use it to sway 2020".

Woodward, a Pulitzer-winning journalist, knows a little something about reporting on a peculiar White House. "You want to listen to everyone, you want to be patient, and then you want to go back, and then you want to get into their home", Woodward said, as the audience laughed. Our side is getting all the things that they're wanting to because my father's delivering on all of the promises that he made.

Honestly, Colbert's first question, about how on Earth people still think it's a good idea to talk to Woodward, is probably one that a lot of people have.

"So our people, the MAGA people, they have to turn out". If I did, I would not have been elected president. They have to get out and vote.

"He (Modi) told me the United States has gotten nothing out of Afghanistan. I wish the people could see the real facts - and our country is doing GREAT!", Trump tweeted on September 7.