Trump says ‘hard’ to imagine Kavanaugh did wrong


"I'm not concerned about tanking the nomination", he said.

'I feel so badly for him that he's going through this be honest with you.

On Tuesday, Ford's lawyers sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is handling Kavanaugh's confirmation, insisting that the FBI investigate her charge before she testifies to the committee.

Grassley set a public hearing for next Monday at which Kavanuagh and Ford were invited to testify.

Grassley didn't say whether Thursday's committee vote will go forward. Mazie Hirono, one of only four women on the current Senate Judiciary Committee, if having women on it now will shape the way the recent allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is handled.

Ford, a California psychology professor, told The Washington Post Kavanaugh groped her at a suburban Washington house party when she was 15 and he was 17. "The FBI's role in such matters is to provide information for the use of the decision makers". "And we want to get it over with", Trump said. White House adviser Kellyanne Conway told reporters Monday that the accuser's allegations should be heard by the Senate. Why would Ford be unprepared to testify, as Lindsey Graham noted yesterday, if her attorneys arranged a polygraph examination for her a month ago?

Asked if she had any advice for Blasey, given her own experience in the spotlight, Hill put the onus on the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Kavanaugh has denied the allegations and, too, has longtime friends coming to his defense.

Anita Hill, whose allegation Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her prompted a similar hearing in 1991, told ABC on Wednesday that the Judiciary Committee could be holding "just a sham proceeding" next week without the FBI investigation Ford wants. He has the power to stall consideration if all Democrats on the panel join him since Republicans only hold an 11-10 majority on the committee. Flake's office didn't respond to requests for comment. Just a day after Christine Blasey Ford's attorney declared that her client was willing to testify about her alleged sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh, Ford refused until the FBI conducts an investigation of the incident. There's the individual who says Ford told her about the alleged incident in vague detail over Facebook previous year.

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If Ford declines to appear at the scheduled Judiciary Committee hearing next Monday, there is no guarantee Republicans will agree to delay the scheduled confirmation vote again. I think he's a man of great intellect, as I've been telling you, and he had this unblemished record.

The president said he trusts the Senate to do its job.

"I really want to see her", Mr Trump said. But he said that should be done immediately, "so the process can continue as scheduled".

"There must be an agreement on witnesses, and the FBI should be given time to reopen its background check investigation into Judge Kavanaugh", Schumer said. It was the second time in two years that Trump has made a Supreme Court pick.

Sunday's development threatens what would be a major win for Trump's White House and McConnell, as they seek to give a strong rightward tilt to the federal judiciary. The days of Kavanaugh confirmation hearings were often interrupted by protesters, and Republicans accused Democrats, especially those possible 2020 presidential candidates, of grandstanding.

Hume also said that there have been many "bad mistakes" made in the media's coverage of the allegations.

The Senate's No. 2 Republican, John Cornyn of Texas, raised doubts about Ford's account of the alleged three-decade-old incident, saying, "The problem is Dr. Ford can't remember when it was, where it was, or how it came to be". She alleges that a heavily drunk Kavanaugh had forcefully pinned her to bed and tried to remove her clothing. "This is a situation that is stacked.She's already been attacked, had to move out of her house". "These are the actions of someone who was prepared to go public from the beginning if she had to".

Talking to a convention of minorities, she declares the entire criminal justice system, "Racist. from front to back". The paper said the 2013 notes showed that Ford described a "rape attempt" in her late teens. He has been a federal appeals court judge since 2006.