Rat causes Chinese restaurant chain to lose £145 million in value


According to local news outlet Kankan News who spoke to her husband - identified as Mr Ma - he declined the offer, as he wanted his wife to undergo a full body check-up before deciding on a compensation amount.

The rat was found last week at a branch of the chain, Xiabu Xiabu, in Weifang, a city in the eastern province of Shandong.

Mr Ma also alleged that one of the staff had suggested his wife get an abortion if she was anxious about the baby's health, and offered him 20,000 yuan for the procedure.

Photos and video of a dead rat found at a branch of Xiabu Xiabu - boiled, hairless with legs outstretched - sandwiched between a pair of chopsticks after being fished out of a Value-Added Tax of broth have since circulated on Chinese social media.

A video of the boiled, gelatinous rodent being pulled out of the pot with its arms stretched out, circulated on Chinese social media site Weibo - and users were angry and disgusted.

Another shocked user said: "If something happens to her baby how are they going to compensate her?"

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By September 11th, the company's stock price had dropped by over 12 percent, causing it to lose 1.3 billion yuan ($190 million) in market value.

An inspection was immediately undertaken at the restaurant, but there was reportedly no trace of rats. "Is a life worth only 20,000 yuan?" one asked. However, inspectors did find some of the restaurant's suppliers did not have the proper qualifications.

Xiabu Xiabu had released a statement which declared that it was "impossible" that a lack of hygiene at the restaurant was to blame for the rat's appearance, but that statement was deleted a short time later.

Diners were eating hot pot, raw meat and vegetables cooked in boiling soup at the table, when they found an unexpected ingredient - a boiled rat.

In a statement, the restaurant said they took food safety seriously and were making changes.