Pressure builds on Iran's Rouhani as parliament targets two more ministers


However, U.S. President Donald Trump chose to withdraw Washington from the deal on May 8 and re-impose sanctions, including oil embargo, on Iran.

Iran, following the United States sanctions, is continuously looking up for options to add back the stability in its economy and the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani is facing the pressure to keep up with the expectations of the people. The other main demand, that the European Union compensate for restrictions placed against Iran preventing the use of American banking institutions, is a virtual impossibility because it's impossible to conduct worldwide banking without American institutions being part of the money chain.

In this photo released by an official website of the office of the Iranian supreme leader, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaks at a meeting in Tehran, Iran, Monday, Aug. 13, 2018. Trump's decision to abandon the nuclear deal was opposed by USA allies in Europe, who argued that he undermined Rouhani and strengthened the hands of the hardliners.

Most foreign firms have abandoned investment projects in Iran, and the next phase of renewed USA sanctions in November will hit the crucial oil sector. They included steps by European banks to safeguard trade with Tehran and guarantee Iranian oil sales.

It was the first time in Rouhani's five-year presidency that lawmakers had summoned him for such a questioning, and they voted to reject his responses to four of the five issues they had raised. But US State Department lawyer Jennifer Newstead told the International Court of Justice in The Hague that it "lacks prima facie jurisdiction to hear Iran's claims".

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Youth unemployment is as high as 25 percent. He also accused the U.S. of being brazen and irrelevant. The rial has lost more than two-thirds of its value in a year.

Further sanctions are due to go into effect in early November specifically targeting Iran's banking sector and oil industry, which drives growth in the Iranian economy.

S sanctions and the withdrawal of U.

Pompeo said lawyers would "vigorously defend" the USA and "and we will continue to work with our allies to counter the Iranian regime's destabilizing activities in the region, block their financing of terror, and address Iran's proliferation of ballistic missiles and other advanced weapons systems that threaten global peace and stability".

The policies of the resistance economy will help Iran build a stronghold and boost capabilities against the enemy and will move forward, the Leader said, adding that the resistance economy that revolves around domestic production can act as both an offensive and defensive tool.