Mozilla Releases Firefox Reality VR Browser for Oculus Go, Daydream Headsets


However, Mozilla says this is only the beginning for Firefox Reality, so maybe we could see it on more VR devices in the future. Firefox Reality gives you the option of using a keyboard, after Mozilla engineers considered things like the angle at which the keyboard should appear tilted, Brown said. "This required years of research, and countless conversations with users, content creators, and hardware partners", said Andre Vrignaud, head of mixed reality platform strategy at Mozilla. This resulted in a browser created for the virtual reality medium it serves. Text input for VR headsets, especially lightweight mobile versions, can be a awful task because of a lack of input devices designed for that goal. There is certainly a huge amount of 2D content on the web, but soon we are observing that how much 3D models or live rendered virtual environments are increasing as a part of way sites run as browser owners such as Mozilla, Google and Apple are focusing more on AR/VR plays. They also announced that users would be able to enjoy an immersive experience from the very first moment while promising to offer a wide range of video games, environments and new experiences through alliances with developers from around the world. Offering easy access to those immersive experiences could allow Firefox Reality and Mozilla to make the web a more viable platform for that kind of content. "We asked questions like: 'What is missing?' 'Do you love your device?' And 'If not, why?' The feedback we heard the most was that users were having a hard time finding new games and experiences".

Because this is a 1.0 release of the Firefox Reality software, it does lack some features common to standard 2-D browsers.

Back in July, a standalone version of Chrome finally became available for Daydream VR.

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Download for Daydream (supports all-in-one devices).

At the moment this version 1.0 lacks some essential features like bookmarks or 360-degree video support.

Mozilla obviously has a long way to go with Firefox Reality and this evident from the fact that it is just version 1.0. changes are bound to come and we might be years away from having that ideal VR browser.