Meet Gritty, the Flyers’ new ginger blob of a mascot


And in case you hadn't seen, Gritty has already taken to causing some trouble on the ice rink.

The Philadelphia Flyers unveiled their new mascot, "Gritty", on Monday.

This odd mix of former Flyer Scott Hartnell, LA Dodgers slugger Justin Turner, Grimace, Salad Fingers, and Donald Trump is a sight to behold, and its terrifying appearance is matched only by its equally disturbing personality, apparently. His bio says he is loyal and mischievous and earned his name by displaying a gritty attitude, much like that of the Flyers.

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"He claims that he's been around for a lot longer than we know it, and recent construction at the Wells Fargo Center disturbed his secret hideout forcing him to show his face publicly for the first time", the Flyers said. He has some oddities that are both humorous and odd. According to the Flyers team website, Gritty is a "talented but feisty" competitor with surprising agility, who had been living in the depths of the Wells Fargo Center for years.

The reaction across the internet so far has been a mixture of fear and humor.but mostly fear.

Gritty even has his own personal Twitter account, for when you need that jolt of energy that accidentally scrolling past his unblinking eyes will provide.