Lexus ES will be first mirrorless production auto


Replacing side mirrors with cameras has always been a concept-car flight of fancy, but Lexus will be the first automaker to make this tech a reality for a mass-produced model.

Lexus is dropping traditional side mirrors for sleek digital cameras in what it calls an industry-first move to improve safety, visibility and cabin solitude.

The feed from the new side camera's will be displayed inside on two 5-inch displays that sit on the ES' a-pillars.

. The cameras automatically shift their focus to the appropriate area when the driver activates their turn signals or puts the vehicle in reverse.

Digital screens mounted on the insides of the door provide the driver with a view that can be enhanced at night, and the field of vision can be adjusted as needed.

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The system's small cameras result in better forward visibility (no large side mirrors to block the view) and reduction of wind noise. Another advantage is that Digital Outer Mirrors are shaped to resist the accumulation of raindrops and snow.

We're surprised it's taken this long for manufacturers to catch on, but Lexus is finally offering digital wing mirrors as an option for the upcoming ES replacement model. Close up images of the cameras and its housing is in the gallery below.

The new ES will become the first mirrorless production vehicle when it goes on sale this October.