Jamie Dimon says he could beat Trump, walks back comment


This whole thing with Jamie Dimon becoming emperor of the world stopped being amusing months ago and you just want to visit here every few days for a Bill Ackman photoshop and watch us kick Deutsche Bank in what's left of its nuts.

Dimon said that he didn't think Trump would get elected: "I mean, I've said this before Trump was elected".

Mr. Dimon, a brash Wall Street executive with a history of making off-the-cuff remarks, told reporters at an event at JPMorgan headquarters Wednesday that "I think I could beat Trump".

The J.P. Morgan Case boss conceded that he wouldn't fare as well in a Democratic primary.

'I can't beat the liberal side of the Democratic Party, ' he said.

Dimon quickly walked back those comments in a statement.

'I should not have said it.

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Mr. Dimon has said publicly that he is committed to remaining in his role as CEO for another five years, ruling out the possibility of a possible presidential run. "I get frustrated because I want all sides to come together to help solve big problems", he said via emailed remarks from a JPMorgan representative.

"I shouldn't have said that", Dimon told ABC's Rebecca Jarvis Wednesday in an exclusive interview after making the comments during a panel with her in NY. 'I don't think the American public looks at Trump as part of the elite.

Dimon also told the crowd that he "actually earned [my] money". "I am part of the elite", Dimon continued.

Dimon, a self-identified Democrat, once sat on Trump's now-disbanded business council and reportedly supported its disbandment. "It wasn't a gift from daddy", Dimon said, pointing to himself and noting that he grew up in the "poorer part of Queens".

This is not the first time Dimon has taken back things he's said about Trump.

"Opportunity is not shared equally across neighborhoods", Dimon said a statement.