IPhone Xs Max and iPhone 9 cases discovered at Walmart - they're big


The iPhone season is now here.

According to some rumors we've seen, Apple's 2018 iPhone pricing matrix will align closely with what we saw past year.

Do you think you have heard the last of the iPhone 9? But there are some rumors that have been less wild than others.

The company's rumored devices will bring a few things we have never seen before. But with about a week left before Apple's event, there's still time to make this phone the "iPhone 11" - or, at least, not the XS. This will be the first such update since the iPhone 6s back in 2015. We anticipate pre-orders to begin September 12, and the phones to actually be released to the public on September 21 (although September 28 is a possibility depending on how many iPhone 9 phones are in stock). It will merely be a simple enhancement as opposed to a complete redesign. 4GB of RAM, the A12 processor, and dual cameras are a given as usual. This is a bit of a price reduction from last year's iPhone X, which launched at $999 for the 64GB model. However, OLED panels are more steep to manufacture, so the iPhone XS and the XS Plus will be pricey. While reports indicate that the all-new device could have a comparatively affordable price tag, we expect that it will be priced closer to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models, which now start at $700 and $800, respectively.

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Instead, a recent report from 9to5Mac insisted the Cupertino-based company could be planning to call the device iPhone Xs Max. This will probably be a cheaper version.

The Pixel 3 will come sporting a 5.4-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels. Those are certainly attractive price points, but there is also speculation that iPhone pricing this year will be higher than many are anticipating. However, we could be wrong.

This is because a report from Trendforce indicated the trio of new iPhones will come with multiple storage options. According to the reports, the affordable model will come with a 6.1 LCD display and that could be the reason why it will have to come later than the rest. It could launch in Gray, Red, Blue, Orange, and White colour option.

Apple is repairing unhealthy logic boards within the iPhone Eight. Reportedly, new iPhones will have an edge-to-edge display with slim bezels, Face ID and no home button. What remains unclear, though, is how Apple plans to price the trio of iPhones it will unveil next Wednesday. This has been a long-awaited feature. But of course these will not be the prices for the iPhone Xs series in India.