IL records its first West Nile virus in 2018


East Mississippi has seen its first reported case this year of the West Nile virus.

Fliers are also being handed out to people alerting them that West Nile was found in the area and advising them on how to help prevent the spread of it. The mosquito-transmitted virus causes symptoms including fever, headaches, and muscle aches.

So far this year, Kansas has had two cases of the neuro invasive form of West Nile, both in Johnson County. During 2017, 51 cases of West Nile virus infection were reported among Wisconsin residents.

TDH encourages everyone to follow these precautions to avoid mosquito bites: Use insect repellants such as DEET on your skin, following all label recommendations for use.

People are advised to use EPA-approved insect repellents, wear clothing that reduces skin exposure, and install or fix window screens to keep mosquitoes outside the home.

According to the health unit, about 80 per cent of people who become infected won't show symptoms.

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County health officials are urging residents to protect themselves against mosquito bites to lower their risk of contracting West Nile. West Nile can develop into a severe illness that can affect the central nervous system.

West Nile virus positive results in humans, birds, mosquitoes, and/or horses have been reported in 58 counties this year.

Draining standing water in the yard.

Recently, the agency collected a mosquito sample that tested positive for the potentially fatal disease, according to Whittaker.

Make sure window and door screens are in good fix to prevent mosquito entry.

This is Boston's second confirmed human case of WNV this year, bringing the total number of reported cases in MA to five this year.