Here's how you get a 10% discount on the Samsung Galaxy Note10


"Samsung's newest Galaxy device is bringing more ways to express yourself than ever before", reads the invite. The invitations are pretty sparse on detail. Samsung had recently claimed that it will first introduce its new features with its mid-range smartphones, so the upcoming Galaxy A series could be a contender, but we might have to rule that possibility out as the company's Galaxy A series is usually launched around January or February.

A new reports says that Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10 will have an entirely revamped camera system created to beat the Huwaei P20's excellent three-sensor setup and the Apple iPhone XS' dual-camera arrangement.The Galaxy S9 has dual rear cameras, but the S10 Plus could get three. When someone asked "both front and back", @UniversalIce responded with "all back". So Samsung's next phone - presumably called the Galaxy S10 - may well have four camera lenses on the back of it. These come through the tagline "4 x fun" and the use of the phrase "Capture the fun with Samsung".

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Samsung did just give its latest smartwatch the Galaxy moniker, so it may be a separate part of the business that's also being absorbed into the G name. Of course, "4x fun" could turn out not to have anything to do with cameras and could refer to. But it seems pretty likely it'll be camera-related.

Flagship or not, we'll know more about the mysterious device when the live streamed event begins on October 11th.