Google to Kill Its Inbox App In Favor of Gmail


Google has chose to shut down its "Inbox by Gmail" app by March next year. In fact, most of its best features have, including Unified Inbox.

Many of these features slowly became redundant though, as both Gmail and Android itself started adopting Inbox's core features. Fortunately, because Inbox requires a Gmail account to use, all the messages in their Inbox account are also still on Gmail.

First launched in 2014, Inbox was sort of the antithesis to its name. One of the main ideas behind Inbox was that it was created to make things easier for users by sorting emails into categories and user defined bundles (which work similarly to filters for the most part). It's a service many of us use every single day. Hailed as a way to speed up replies, it was merely suggesting short answers that anyone could type in a matter of seconds manually as well.

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One Inbox by Gmail feature that still hasn't made its way over to the standard Gmail service is the email bundling.

We're going to miss the Blue of Inbox but it seems like many much-loved services before it Google has plans and they don't include Inbox. "As a result, we're planning to focus exclusively on Gmail and say goodbye to Inbox". Users who have used Inbox are asked to switch back to Gmail.

To help users using Inbox move back to Gmail proper, Google has supplied a transition guide on their support site. Key among those features will be bundling, that can help users customise inbox tabs and notifications. Let us know in the comment section below.