Google Releases Improved USB-C Headphone Adapter, Raises Price


Meanwhile, one much anticipated device is not expected to be presented, as Google has confirmed in an interview with Tom's Guide that it will not be releasing a new version of their Pixel Watch this year. No, it's not new Pixelbooks, Pixel Buds or a new paid version of Google Wave. Indubitably, the Pixel 2 shipped with a USB-C headphone jack adapter that appears mighty the same to Apple's have pack-in dongle. Well, you make it smaller for a start. It's also ever-so-slightly smaller than the 2017 adapter, measuring in at 3.67 in. long, 0.46 in. wide, and 0.3 in. tall, and weighing just 0.17g.

But wait! That's not all. In fact, plug-in latency has improved by a whopping 53 per cent over the old cable, saving you valuable seconds which could add up to a whole minute over the duration of your phone's life.

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Before all the pieces, Google charged a sexy $20 for the adapter on its have, however rapid lowered the value down to $9 to compare Apple's have adapter when consumers (understandably) revolted.

Finally, the new adapter shaves off a little material in every dimension, although so little that it may be completely imperceptible without a side-by-side comparison. You should get around a 40% improvement in battery life while listening to music with the dongle plugged in thanks to it being more efficient. No madam, I'm not pulling your leg. Sir, I am not a "filthy liar" - see for yourself!