Formula 1 Ferrari Concept Car Shown by Ross Brawn in Singapore


"I'm pleased to say we're at about 80 [percent]".

The sport has been working with the FIA to create a F1 auto for 2021 and beyond with an idea to stylistically integrate the halo into the design while helping improve the aerodynamics.

First up was the goal of integrating the Halo safety device so that it looks more like a part of the auto, and less like an ugly afterthought.

"The current cars lose once they get within two or three cars lengths - they lose up to 50 percent of their performance, which is why when drivers are on the same tires of the same age, they struggle to race each other".

The most notable change in all three concepts is the introduction of fairings near the wheels to improve the airflow, with cars for 2019 already set to include changes to the front wings based on similar principles. We want cars that look better than what you see in a video game, cars that kids want to have up on their walls.

"But there is no guarantee and I think the key thing is to be able to respond quickly when we see things that happen that are unintended". Shown today at the Singapore Grand Prix, all three represent collaborations between Ross Brawn and the FIA; Brawn saying that by the beginning of next decade every entrant will incorporate cues from all three. The images show cars with much simpler front and rear wings and a more attractive-looking halo as those at the top look to make the racing closer, but the changes haven't been to the liking of everyone.

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"I'm definitely going to be driving if cars look like this". "At each stage, as we have been evolving the auto, we've had someone we are working with create a graphic representation artist to give us a feel of what the vehicle could look like", he added.

"We're listening to what the fans want, we want to engage with their passion, we want them to feel that Formula One is listening to them".

"That is not to control the development, because it's critical this development achieves its objectives", he insists, "but why shouldn't we have great looking cars as we're evolving the cars? F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and the auto should look sensational".

"Teams are now involved in this", he said.

"We want to create an environment where there is a queue of people wanting to join F1", added Brawn. "F1 is a great opportunity to promote technology and through F1 in Schools, for the younger students, then there's Formula Student, which is a competition that goes on in universities".