European Union executive will get tough with countries breaking rule of law: Juncker


Juncker repeated the message that the United Kingdom would not be allowed to "cherry-pick" its future relationship with the bloc.

"You said we should play as a team with common policies, yet voters see an attempt to push divisive migration policies that have sadly reduced sympathy for refugees feeling war and persecution, rather than asking countries what they can do to help".

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani said, "Parliament wants, more than ever, to be at the heart of democracy".

Juncker's showpiece speech is his last before May elections that will pit Europe's rising populist forces against his centrist supporters, and he issued a rallying cry to maintain a "continent of tolerance and openness". "Thanks to the European Union efforts under the Juncker Commission, the Paris Agreement on climate change was signed and the deal with Iran was struck", Zlatev commented.

"This is the stuff that needs to be done, and it will be all platforms in Europe, wherever they are based". "We need a lot more".

The commission has also proposed spending 2.2 billion euros in the next seven-year European Union budget to buy and maintain planes, boats and vehicles to patrol entry points from Africa and the Middle East.

The proposal, which still needs approval from European Union lawmakers and member states, would be a departure for the European Union, which until now has allowed online companies to a take a voluntary approach to battling extremist content.

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Thus, to become a "global player" and be able to better hear the voice of the EU, Jean-Claude Juncker has proposed that certain foreign policy decisions can be taken by a qualified majority and no longer unanimously, to avoid that a single country can make in blocking. The one-hour rule was among a series of recommendations the Commission made in March to fight the spread of extremist content online.

Businesses fear a disruptive "no-deal" scenario under which Britain would crash out of the European Union next year with few agreements in place to transition into a new reality.

"There is no evidence that more detention will lead to less migrants arriving but plenty of evidence that it causes vast harm and suffering", said Michele LeVoy, from the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants. The code is now set to be voluntary, but King said the commission would review its effectiveness, and that a legislative solution was not out of bounds.

"I would hope that with something like this there would be a common sense approach and no time difference on the island", she said. "Do I really have the feeling that everything is ok in Romania?"

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which it was founds that the personally identifiable information of 87 million Facebook users had been misused for political gain in the Brexit vote, European political groups and foundations will also face tougher regulation.

This will be the case should a forthcoming European Commission proposal be accepted by Parliament and Council, according to Sean Kelly. We don't know that they are going to be targeted.

But the more attentive watchers - and listeners - noted that the rapturous applause may not have been all it seemed as mid-way through, while the standard ovation was dying away, organisers seemed to hike up the volume and the clapping hit ear-splitting levels.