Bob Woodward opens up to Dana Perino in exclusive Fox News interview


Woodward is an American from IL who is best known for helping to uncover the Watergate scandal that ended Richard Nixon's presidency.

"I believe the New York Times made it up". "Never has a country given so much away for so little in return" as the United States had in Afghanistan, Modi had said to Trump, according to The Washington Post.

According to the book, Trump told his national security aide that USA is losing in Afghanistan.

President Donald Trump is leaning toward Emmet Flood to replace Don McGahn as White House counsel, but chief of staff John Kelly is urging him not to rush his decision, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

Cohn, who served as Trump's economic adviser before leaving over disagreements about trade policy, issued a similarly weak rebuttal to the book.

"People who work for him are anxious - that he will sign things or give orders that threaten the national security or financial security of the country or of the world", Woodward told 'CBS Sunday Morning'. "'I'm not making a deal on anything until we get minerals.' And the USA 'must stop payments to Pakistan until they cooperate'".

The wave of Trump-related books will continue for the foreseeable future.

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Woodward's employer, the Washington Post, released audio of a conversation between Trump and Woodward in which the author insists he tried repeatedly to gain an interview and Trump claims not to have been told of the requests.

Bob Woodward, associate editor of the Washington Post, has recently published an explosive book on the current U.S. presidency.

"To be clear", he wrote in a subsequent tweet, "a number of the statements attributed to me and from others to me in the Woodward book are incorrect".

Bob Woodward (R) and the late Ben Bradlee, a former Washington Post executive editor, posing for a photo during a tour of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in April 2011.

The highly anticipated book, which chronicles some unflattering moments in the Trump administration, has been sourced from numerous current and former officials. Trump allegedly asked Christie about transition team funds. Such gaps in explanation point to the author's political agenda, which the media has seriously misrepresented as being anti-Trump. Also, Woodward steers clear of Trump's controversial decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, thanks in part to the efforts of his ardently pro-Israel son-in-law Jared Kushner. "I'll write the real book!"

Moreover, the book can hardly be said to be strictly objective.