Will you attend Trump's rally in DE next week?


Either Trump had confused Stivers with state Sen.

Though boisterous and bellicose, Trump steered clear of the trouble he stirred up the night before when he blasted one of Ohio's favorite sons, LeBron James.

The president thanked residents of the buckeye state for their support during the 2016 election, while speaking to a crowd of thousands.

"Will be going to OH tonight to campaign for Troy Balderson for the big Congressional Special Election on Tuesday", the president tweeted.

Trump is set to hold a rally in OH this weekend for congressional candidate in the state, Troy Balderson.

Truck driver and Trump supporter Rob LaPat is attending his first Trump rally. Kasich said Balderson told him, "Well, I don't have anything to do with it".

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Trump critic Susan Lindquist says she's trying to change one person's mind at a time about the president, who she says is destroying the country.

President Donald Trump speaks during a rally, Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018, in Lewis Center, Ohio.

President Donald Trump is seizing on the prospect of Democrat Nancy Pelosi becoming House speaker again as he makes his pitch for Republican candidates. Pat Tiberi is shockingly close - and that "doesn't bode well for the Republican party".

Trump relished playing the role of Republican kingmaker, bragging how the GOP candidates he's opposed, like Rep. Mark Sanford of SC, have lost.

When Trump took the stage in a sweltering high school gymnasium north of Columbus, his late-night tweet deriding James' intellect had already generated hours of online buzz in defense of the all-star from Akron who had just opened a school for at-risk children in his hometown.