Why Meghan Markle's birthday on Saturday is particularly special for the Queen


The Duchess of Sussex stepped out on Saturday to attend Prince Harry's bff Charlie van Straubenzee's wedding to Daisy Jenks.

She has been throwing shade at her sister for quite some time now, and it doesn't look like she is planning to stop.

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, could go out wearing a bin liner with a fascinator on her head and she'd still look better than you or I. Thomas has spoken to the press (recently), to complain about how Duchess Meghan and Kensington Palace have recently severed ties with him, and also to express his issues with her royal appearances.

Prince Harry, who was star of the show back in May, stayed low-key in morning dress and sunglasses as he accompanied Charlie van Straubenzee into St Mary the Virgin Church in Frensham, Surrey. The Duchess was all smiles as she arrived at the church, chatting happily with fellow guests.

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"Meghan has just joined the biggest soap opera in the world and just landed the biggest role of her life as an actress", Paul Burrell told Yahoo UK in an interview on 'The Royal Box'.

Harry and Meghan won't be seen again in public until May. Clarence House, the social media moniker for Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, also shared a birthday tribute that included a photo of their new daughter-in-law.

The man turned 74 years old a couple of weeks ago, and the royal family was completely silent amid their feud.

Meghan Markle's 37 birthday is much different than her celebration past year.