Space Force: A Serious Article About A Silly Idea


"History proves that peace only comes through strength, and in the realm of outer space, the United States Space Force will be that strength in the years ahead", he added.

"My concern is that if we militarize space in the United States, that's going to encourage other countries to do the same thing", Capt. Kelly (Ret.) said on FOX Business' "Making Money with Charles Payne" on Thursday.

Critics argue that Trump's Space Force would be stepping on the toes of the U.S. Air Force Space Command, which now oversees the nation's military operations in space. The usual suspects, China and Russian Federation, are the threats the president is looking to combat. According to CNBC news, many American generals and other military officials oppose the 'Space Force'. In this scenario, uncontrolled space debris could collide and create even more uncontrolled space debris, ultimately shutting off human access to space for decades, if not centuries. One of the designs is clearly based on the current logo of NASA, the civilian USA space agency. "You lose the Global Positioning System signal and guess what you lose?" Real-time, advanced access to Global Positioning System, weather forecasting, communications, visuals and more is vital to modern warfare. So, before we can "have the Space Force", as Trump put it, the White House will have to convince lawmakers that the USA really needs it.

One of the arguments is that American rivals such as Russian Federation and China appear increasingly ready to strike USA space-based capabilities in the event of a conflict. In 2007, China used a missile to destroy an old weather satellite orbiting 535 miles above the earth. Although it was a test, it has caused another space hazard to satellites in the form of debris.

The report also called for the creation of a Space Operations Force, which it said will be comprised of career space experts who are "trained, promoted and retained as space war fighting professionals". "We take about 400,000 observations a day with our sensor network."Air Force Space Command does more than observe space. Think of that. Space Force!"

A unified combatant command known as the US Space Command would be formed by the end of 2018, according to a copy reviewed by Reuters. Planning and actually creating the new branch could take years, reports.

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President Donald Trump's re-election team seized on his administration's push for a "Space Force" on Thursday, pledging to sell branded merchandise to his supporters. A fact Trump has not acknowledged.

"I watched this whole announcement this morning and I was impressed by the fact that Mike Pence was somehow able to make an announcement about interspace warfare boring", he joked.

Dodge noted that creating a Space Force now, instead of waiting for the future, would allow the "Keep pace with and [go] beyond the abilities of potential adversaries to the United States".

David Cicilline, who sits in the House of Representatives, asked if "no Republican" would tell the president "what a dumb idea Space Force is".

The document outlines how America's military is at risk in space due to adversaries pursuing "counter-space" capabilities to neutralize America's satellites during a conflict, such as by jamming or hacking them.