Should Boris Johnson apologise for his comments about burkas?


Sir, Boris Johnson should not apologise for telling the truth.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has scolded her former foreign minister, Boris Johnson, for saying that Muslim women who wear burqas look like letter boxes or bank robbers.

She added that women should be free to wear the burqa if they chose to do so.

He added: "The retrogressive Islamic clergy has succeeded in persuading ill-informed Muslims through suspect secondary sources that God wants women to cover their faces, when in reality it is a toxic patriarchy controlling women".

She also wrote: If a woman wants to wear a short dress, it is her right and freedom to do so.

"It is any wonder that many younger women have internalised this poisonous chauvinism by asserting that it is their human right to hide their faces?"

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They said: "We must not fall into the trap of shutting down the debate on hard subjects".

Karim said that "Boris is playing to the gallery that exists at the right of the party" and by refusing to apologise was "positioning himself as the great defender of the right some believe they have to say whatever they like with no regard of consequences for others". "What starts as useful targets for "colourful political language" and the odd bit of toxic campaigning ends up in attacks on our streets".

"We have to call it out".

Sky customers were, oddly, more split on the question of whether Johnson should say sorry for his comments, but a plurality were of the view that no apology was due - 48 percent to 45 percent.

Several European countries, including France, Belgium and Denmark, have banned face-covering veils in public, but none of Britain's main political parties supports such a restriction.