National Archives Says Kavanaugh Doc Request Could Go On Through October


"I'm exhausted of partisanship and frankly, we didn't treat their candidates for these positions the way they're treating ours", Sen. Republicans could hold confirmation hearings before receiving all the documents, but a final vote on Kavanaugh may have to wait.

Grassley says he will not ask the National Archives to release the documents from Kavanaugh's time as White House staff secretary because they are too sensitive. They said Grassley's initial request was sufficient and that senators would have hundreds of thousands of records to review on the nomination even without the staff secretary documents. "In the end, the committee will have reviewed significantly more records than ever before for a Supreme Court nominee", Foy said. But earlier Thursday, he declined to set a date for beginning confirmation hearings, only saying he hoped to start "sometime in September".

Republicans have been hesitant to request those records, however, and have accused Democrats of engaging in stalling tactics. "We don't know what they've held back, or why".

Nonetheless, the Archives' timeline throws more political obstacles into the confirmation process for President Trump's pick to replace Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. But they don't contain the broader cache of files being sought by Democrats from Kavanaugh's time as Bush's staff secretary.

"And if these documents coming from the archives and from George W. Bush's presidential library and other things get up here soon, then the sooner the better we can have a hearing", Grassley said.

The Archives says it will be able to review only about one-third of them by mid-August, the time by which Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Grassley said he wanted to receive the entire load. That is far more than than the 60,000 pages the Archives identified from the White House counsel's office, and the 170,000 emails he either received or sent or was copied on.

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But Republicans have requested only a portion of the records, leading Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to accuse Republicans of having "cast aside Democratic wishes for openness and transparency".

Many Democratic senators have refused to meet with Judge Kavanaugh until nearly a million pages of documents related to his time working for the Bush administration are released. The signing statement suggested that Bush could circumvent the law.

"If we can get this all done by October 1 when the Supreme Court starts its new fall session it would be ideal, but I think we can get it done soon after that, if we don't get it done by October 1", Grassley said.

Utah GOP Sen. Mike Lee argued that Kavanaugh's views were just "talking points" and "not the development of policy".

"For this Supreme Court nominee, it's probably the deepest dive we've had into the background of a Supreme Court justice, at least from the quantity of material available", Grassley told reporters Thursday.