McDonald’s McGold Card: How to Win Free Food for Life


The little gold card entitles the cardholder to free food - sometimes for a year, sometimes for life.

However, there are certain restrictions to the McDonald's McGold Card as it only allows you to buy two meals per week (no more than $7) for 50 years, which amounts to about $36,400. In a campaign to increase the use of its mobile app, McDonald's has announced that every time one of its customers orders food using the app, they will be entered into a drawing to win a McGold Card.

"To celebrate Mobile Order & Pay, we're giving one of our mobile customers the chance to win the McGold Card and join a select group of McDonald's fans, just for using the app", said Hashim Amin, the head of USA digital at McDonald's. McDonald's says the victor will be drawn at random and be notified within two days. The giveaway is exclusive to customers who use the app's "Mobile Order & Pay" feature. "You have a much better chance of winning a state lottery than picking something like this up". There is only one person in the entire world that owns a legit Gold Card, and that person is none other than Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who clearly is in no place to need one to afford his Mickey D's meals.

The contest is similar to one run by coffee chain Starbucks, which was called Starbucks for Life, only not as generous.

More than just free burgers, fries, and nuggets for life, the McGold card also includes a customized 24-carat golden phone case to mark the lucky person's membership into the history and mystery of McGold Card lore.

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Taco Bell gave a lifetime of food away in its "Eleven Everlasting Dollars" challenge in 2014.

There's also a contest for nonmembers, where five will win free drinks for a month, worth $155.

More than 14,000 branches of McDonald's in the United Kingdom are taking part.

Go to and log in to your Starbucks Rewards account to your access game plays. You have between August 10 and August 14 to get those entries in.