Johnny Depp's Biggie Smalls biopic gets shelved


Johnny Depp's City of Lies crime-thriller movie, directed by Brad Furman, has been pulled off its September 7 release date. Unfortunately, it would appear that the film is no longer slated to be released on its original date. Indiewire quotes "a source close to the production" that the problem stems from Depp's recent bad press: "With the climate around Depp right now, the studio chose to hold back releasing the movie until the situation improves or is resolved".

Global Road dropped a trailer for the pic, formerly titled LAbyrinth, in May.

The film's producer Miriam Segal and director Brad Furman are also named in Greg "Rocky" Brooks' lawsuit, as Brooks claims he was sacked after refusing to say he wouldn't sue over the Depp incident.

Distributor Global Road Entertainment confirmed to industry press on Monday that the film would no longer be released in the USA on 7 September as planned but did not give further comment or any indication of a new release date.

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In it, Depp plays LAPD detective Russell Poole as he nvestigates the murder of the iconic rapper Biggie Smalls the year after the murder of Tupac Shakur.

The Hollywood veteran last month was at a receiving end of a lawsuit over his alleged actions on the set of the movie, as location manager Gregg "Rocky" Brooks claimed in his suit that the Edward Scissorhands actor struck him on multiple occasions amid a dispute during filming, TMZ reported. Additionally, a crewmember on City of Lies claims Depp punched him twice, then lost his job when he refused to promise that he wouldn't sue over the matter.

While City Of Lies' future is up in the air, Depp's next big 2018 release, Fantastic Beasts: Thre Crimes of Grindelwald, is set for release in November.