Google Maps location sharing now includes your phone's battery life


The new battery life indicator will be useful in that it will easily give context to the sender's behavior.

This update might or might not make life simpler for you.

Remember the time when you are trying to navigate to an unknown place to meet your friends and the battery dies down? First discovered by Android Police, your friend's battery level will be included in the set of information you receive when they share their location with you.

Now, as per a Google executive, the company is expected to introduce more features for the Google Maps specifically for the Indian users soon.

Once you share your location it will appear on the receiver's Google Maps.

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To turn off location sharing, and battery level sharing, go on the Google Maps app, select "Menu", "Location sharing", select the contact you want to remove and then hit "Remove".

The new feature first made itself known back in February when Android Police did a teardown of the Google Maps v9.71 beta. Google is also planning to expand the new feature to other regions of the country and is seeking help from the government authorities for the same. The previous implementation was less accurate, however.

The peculiar moniker immediately spread digitally, from hotel sites to dating apps to Uber, which all use Google's map data. Now, it's much more precise, and it also displays a charging icon as well. Of course, sharing your location with a friend remains voluntary in the Android application.

What's more, you can twist it and turn it and revolve it in any direction so you can see just how close Alaska - on the Western-most point of the map - is to Russian Federation on the East.