Google Makes Embarrassing Error Following Fortnite Android Release


And even though a beta version of the game will be made available exclusively to those toting certain high-end Samsung Galaxy models, Fortnite will not be offered to Android users through the Google Play Store.

Note that you will need to wait about 24 hours after doing so for the app to actually work: When it does, you will see a Digital Wellbeing entry appear in Settings. Fortnite won't even be available for download on the Play store.

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Interestingly, the company seems to have misspelled the title of the game, referring to it as Fortnite Battle Royal, which is missing the letter E in the word Royale. Below the message, Google has helpfully listed the developer account for Epic Games. Whether this is a mere typo or Google doesn't know how to spell the name of the game is unclear, but it's a somewhat amusing mishap nonetheless. It's a big pie for Epic games, which has made over $1 Billion in revenue from in-app Fortnite purchases (for both PC and mobile ) by the start of this month. Malware can also come bundled with the actual official Android version of the game downloaded from an unofficial third-party. Epic probably thinks that having the most popular game in the world gives it enough reach to go its own way. If the battle royale genre loses steam, it might have trouble getting users to its website to download the game, which requires extra steps and makes updating a pain.

In response, Google has a new warning on the Play Store letting gamers know that Fortnite is not available.