Goats spotted roaming subway tracks still on the lam


After a pair of goats were found roaming subway tracks in Brooklyn went viral, their surprising hero was revealed - and made their rescue all the more heartwarming.

New York City Transit tweeted a photo of the "very baaaaad boys" at 11:33 a.m. That message was followed about an hour later by tweet with a picture showing two goats, a matching set with white fur bodies and black and brown heads. Fortunately, they were captured and moved to safety by the MTA.

As a result, N trains were temporarily running on the D line in both directions between 36 St (Brooklyn) and Coney Island Stillwell Av.

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Animal Care and Control eventually tranquilized the two ― the cue for the animal-loving Stewart, who in 2016 saved a runaway bull from the slaughterhouse, and the Farm Sanctuary to take center stage and get their deserved G.O.A.T. props.

It's still unclear exactly where the furry fugitives came from - but they were spotted horsing around between the Fort Hamilton Parkway and New Utrecht stops in Borough Park, before the NYPD knocked them out with tranquilizer darts. In a video, Stewart is shown helping load the goats into a trailer to Farm Sanctuary.

The sanctuary says the goats are males and have been named Billy and Willy.