France bans smartphones, tablets in schools


Using your phone in class at school can get you in trouble nearly anywhere in the world but France is taking it one step further.

The smartphone ban was a policy French President Emmanuel Macron took to the last election.

The new ban on the use of such gadgets in schools bars the students aged between three to fifteen years from bringing their digital devices to school.

'Our main role is to protect children and adolescents.

One 2015 study shows that banning phones in schools improves students' test scores.

On the other hand, Italy reversed a classroom smartphone ban a couple years ago and is trying to encourage the use of the devices as learning aids. Now, they're banned across school premises, although secondary schools can still make exceptions for extracurricular activities or for disabled students. But experts fear excessive mobile phone use and the allure of the internet may be fuelling cyber-addiction, sleep disruption and bullying. France has already placed a ban on students from using their gadgets during the instruction hours.

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He argued that a 2010 law, which disallowed such devices from being used in class, was not strong enough, the report said.

Alexis Corbière, a deputy from the left-wing Unbowed France party, told CNN, "This isn't a 21st century law in our eyes, but a law from the era of news channels and binary debate".

The UK prime minister is cutting short her holiday for talks at the French president's summer retreat.

High schools are not obligated to implement the ban, but have the option.

"There is a pretty persuasive argument for urging all schools to go smartphone-free", Longfield wrote in the Guardian.