Fiat Chrysler Seeks to Block Mahindra Jeep Look-Alike in US


However, the Mahindra Roxor might wear retro Jeep styling but it's a "side-by-side" off-roader that is not road-legal, limited to a 72km/h top speed and aimed at farmers and recreational users, priced from about $US15,000 - much less than the Willy's spiritual successor, the Jeep Wrangler.

FCA Wants To Block Mahindra From Selling Jeep Lookalike In U.S. The Roxor definitely looks a whole lot like a Jeep CJ.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has just filed a United States trade complaint in an effort to bar Indian automaker Mahindra from importing an off-road vehicle that looks eerily similar to its iconic Jeep model.

Fiat Chrysler claims that the Roxor violates numerous Jeep brand's signature design features, like the boxy design with flat side profiles and a rear section height which matches that of the front.

"They are a almost identical copy of the iconic Jeep design", the complaint adds.

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Mahindra, which began by assembling the Willys in India under license in the 1940s, makes no bones about that and says its long-standing relationship with Jeep began "with the original agreement with Willys and continues to this day". Mahindra has not yet been served with the complaint and we prefer not to comment at length on the dispute at this time.

"We understand that a complaint has been filed by FCA with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) against M&M".

Fiat Chrysler group has filed a complaint against Mahindra over its off-road vehicle, Roxor. According to Automotive News, Mahindra intends to manufacture all of the components for them in India and ship them to the be assembled as kits at the company's new factory in Auburn Hills, Michigan. "Mahindra has been co-existing with FCA (and the Jeep brand) for over 25 years in India and in many other countries".

Jeep, now owned by the Marchionne-built Fiat-Chrysler empire, has now entered the Indian vehicle market and the decades-old license has begun becoming a matter of contention. The last agreement signed by Mahindra and the owners of the Willys brand was in 2009, when it was owned by Chrysler Group LLC.

Many were surprised when Mahindra launched the Roxor in the American market. The ROXOR has been in production in MI since March of this year, but it's not licensed for the road, instead aiming at side-by-side off-road all-terrain vehicles.