Facebook removes 4 pages from InfoWars and Alex Jones


Spotify also removed the "Alex Jones Show" from its podcast directory for violations of its content policy. "We believe in representing a wide range of views, so long as people are respectful to those with differing opinions", an Apple spokesperson said in a statement to TechCrunch.

BuzzFeed News reported that Alex Jones' website, home to batty conspiracy theories and Super Male Vitality - a $59.95 vial of a substance you apply to your penis - had six podcasts hosted on iTunes and Apple's Podcast app, including the flagship Alex Jones Show. Instead, Apple Podcasts is simply a list of links to podcasts hosted on independent servers around the world.

Facebook also announced on Monday that it had removed four pages belonging to Alex Jones for "repeatedly posting content over the past several days" that breaks its community standards.

Those have been pulled from the iTunes directory, making them no longer searchable or available for download or streaming.

Only one programme provided by InfoWars, "RealNews with David Knight" remained on Apple's platforms at the time of publication.

Jones says his shows, which are broadcast on radio, YouTube and other platforms, reach at least 70 million people a week. It has suggested that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, and that the September 11 terrorist attacks were an inside job orchestrated by the United States government.

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He has also promoted a theory that the Sandy Hook massacre was faked by leftwing forces to promote gun control.

Neither Jones nor a representative for InfoWars were available early on Monday for comment. The free app, released in July 2018, provides the ability to live-stream Infowars shows including Real News, The Alex Jones Show and War Room and access articles. Last week, YouTube removed four videos posted by Jones and issued a warning that more violations could result in a ban from the video platform.

Spotify, a music and podcast streaming company, followed suit last week when it removed some specific episodes of Jones's programmes.

Jones has been widely criticized for promoting conspiracy theories surrounding the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in NY and the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in CT.

The move by Facebook is the latest crackdown on Jones, who has recently had content removed from other platforms.

Since founding Infowars in 1999, Jones has built a vast audience. "Last week, we asked @Applehow the harassment of Sandy Hook parents and Vegas shooting victims didn't violate their Terms of Service".