Elon Musk's Boring Company to build tunnel to Dodger Stadium


Elon Musk has been in hot water recently, after announcing Tesla's purported share price in the event the firm is taken private. Then it would connect to the Red Line through three alternative routes that would terminate in either Los Feliz, East Hollywood or Rampart Village.

The project, known as the Dugout Loop (or, simply, "The Dugout"), would include zero emission, high-speed transportation, and be completely underground.

Passengers will be able to reserve a spot on a skate via an app (sort of like how you might reserve a movie ticket), and a one-way trip on the Dugout Loop will cost around $1. The route's eastern terminus would be on Dodger Stadium property, and the western terminus would be on property purchased by the Boring Company. However, the Boring Company does have a couple of things working in its favor.

Driverless electric vehicles would shuttle around 1,400 sports fans through the tunnel to and from events, rather than operate on a regular basis. The Boring Co. says that number could increase based on city and community feedback.

"The Dugout Loop will be good for fans and neighbors, providing another fast and affordable way for people to get to home games, while helping reduce traffic in the neighborhoods surrounding Dodger Stadium", Tucker Kain, the Dodgers' chief financial officer, told ESPN's Darren Rovell.

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The project, whose only investor is The Boring Company, promises to have no above-ground disruption for the estimated 14 months it will take to build the 3.6-mile tunnel.

The Boring Company says that after it constructs the body of the tunnel, it will install concrete guideway shelves to keep the electric skates on track.

First, it doesn't need to worry about raising funds for the Dugout Loop - the company plans to pay for the project on its own. From the company's press release: "the Initial Study (IS) and Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the Dugout Loop process will be available for public review from August 16, 2018 to September 17, 2018".

Musk founded the Boring Company in late 2016 in a bid to address traffic congestion in the Los Angeles area.