Dave Bautista rips Disney for firing James Gunn


Bautista has consistently been among the most vocally upset about the situation, and said in a new tweet that he finds the prospect of shooting the next Guardians movie "pretty nauseating".

Immediately following Gunn's dismissal, the Drax actor shared a tweet stating that he was "NOT okay with what's happening to him", and now he's responded to a tweet from a fan asking whether he'll return for Guardians Vol. 3 if Gunn is not reinstated. He tweeted on Sunday that he'd "do what I'm legally obligated to do" but that "Guardians" without Gunn was "not what I signed up for".

"Guardians of the Galaxy" actor Dave Bautista continued to voice his displeasure with director James Gunn's firing over the weekend.

He added, " Its also pretty nauseating to work for someone who'd empower a smear campaign by fascists", referring to the conservative personalities that uncovered the old tweets that got Gunn fired. While Gunn himself has said he understands and accepts Disney's decision, a large number of Gunn's colleagues and fans have come out to support him, and argue that jokes he made 10 years ago don't reflect the kind of person he actually is in real life, or at the point in time.

Dave Bautista  Twitter
Dave Bautista Twitter

Dave Bautista has made his feelings about director James Gunn's termination very clear.

Bautista then went after Disney for bowing to pressure to fire Gunn after conservative critics dug up offensive tweets posted by the director nearly a decade prior.

Russell, who played the part of Ego the Living Planet-Star-Lord's villainous father-in the second Guardians film, spoke about the Gunn matter in an interview with Variety. There has been little indication that Disney is inclined to rehire the director, with Variety writing that their sources think "that scenario is highly unlikely".

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor concluded, "He has a wonderful heart and a wonderful mind".

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