Confidential Mode comes to Gmail Android app


Notably, Google added a lot of features to the new Gmail some of which included Snooze, smart reply and many more.

The new feature is already available without the need to update the app. Gmail did not respond to inquiries when the mode will arrive to iOS devices, but it should hit Apple devices. However, one feature which was talked about a lot was the Confidential Mode.

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"You can send messages and attachments with Gmail's confidential mode to help protect sensitive information from unauthorized access", Google explains on its support page for the new feature. The company today launched Confidential Mode for emails on Gmail, letting users protect the emails they send. These refer to the recipient's inability to copy, forward, download, or print content. If you choose this, the recipient will get a text with a passcode, and have to enter it to open the message. However, users should still keep in mind that Gmail can not stop the users from screenshotting the mail. In order to start using Confidential mode, you must open Gmail, click Compose, and from the bottom right of the window tap Turn on confidential mode.

According to Google's support website, confidential emails have a sender-defined expiration date (from one day to five years), but access to the email can also be revoked at any time. Also, depending on your settings, the attachments in the mail will be or will not be secured by a passcode.