Cam Newton Gets In Heated Altercation With Kelvin Benjamin


Prior to Carolina's preseason game against Buffalo on Thursday, the two met at midfield.

For the Panthers, there were some unresolved issues between Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin.

"If you would've put me with any other QB, let's be real, you know what I'm saying?"

"I mean, I felt like I would've been even more successful if ..."

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Benjamin, a first-round pick of the Carolina Panthers in the 2014 NFL Draft, recently took shots at his former team in an interview with The Athletic.

When game time rolled around there was a warranted suspicion that something would go down, and it did. Any other accurate quarterback like Rodgers or Eli Manning or Big Ben - anybody! - quarterbacks with knowledge, that know how to place a ball and give you a better chance to catch the ball.

Perhaps in an unprompted manner like Benjamin, Newton clearly changed his mind. Newton engaged Benjamin briefly before the receiver, who called out his former quarterback just a few days ago, started to amble away.

Much of the discussion was inaudible from the video, but Newton did follow an agitated Benjamin as he attempted to walk away from the Panthers quarterback. Charlotte NBC News anchor Nick Carboni posted Benjamin's ripping of Newton on Twitter.