‘Blade Runner’ Star Sean Young Wanted for Questioning by NYPD


The New York Daily News reports the "Blade Runner" actress is a suspect in the case of a break-in at a business she once worked for in the Astoria neighbourhood.

Actress Sean Young is wanted for questioning after she was caught on video stealing laptops and video production software from a shop in NY.

Surveillance footage from the scene allegedly showed the Blade Runner star and a male accomplice breaking in and taking two laptops and video production software worth £9,400.

The laptops are valued at $12,000. We're told Young allegedly worked at the location at one point, but was sacked months ago. Timothy Hines, who took over director duties, says that the locks were changed after producers became suspicious of Young due to her "repeated visits purporting to pick up things she had left behind".

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A star in the '80s, Young's tumultuous career has been marked by erratic behaviour.

She infamously ambushed Tim Burton in the '90s, hoping to be cast as Catwoman (the role went to Michelle Pfeiffer). She was also sued by actor James Woods, whom she'd acted alongside in The Boost, for alleged harassment. She denied the allegations and the suit was settled out of court.

In recent years, however, Young had seemed to be doing well, as she'd consistently snagged acting gigs.

Let's just hope that, despite whatever may be going on, Young cooperates with police, and maybe in time she can put the whole situation behind her.