An ALF Reboot Could Be on the Way


The classic 80s sitcom is the latest TV series to possibly be making its way back to the airwaves as networks are exploring any and all options to try and get a leg up on the competition.

The news follows revivals of Roseanne and Will & Grace.

While Alf became a nickname for the character, as an acronym it stands for "Alien Life Form". ALF is also notable for his love of eating cats.

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Joining Willie is his wife, Kate (Anne Schedeen), daughter Lynn (Andrea Elson) and son Brian (Benji Gregory), whom ALF develops a close bond with.

Gordon Shumway, a.k.a. ALF, was voiced by Paul Fusco, who likewise operated the puppet, and co-created the series along with Tom Patchett. Despite having been off the air for almost three decades, ALF has remained a staple in pop culture.

Warner reportedly in the earliest stages of development on the reboot, with the studio searching for a writer with the flawless pedigree to self-esteem ratio to take on and eventually helm the project. In recent years, the title character has popped up (or been referenced) on a number of TV series (The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory, Mr. Robot) and films (Guardians of the Galaxy, Hot Tub Time Machine). ALF aired for four seasons on NBC from 1986-1990 and was featured on a wide variety of "ALF"-themed merchandise from plush dolls to backpacks, as well as becoming wildly popular in Germany". The project is in its early stages and a search is underway for a writer, sources tell Deadline.