Parents of Thai cave rescue boy give thanks to God


"I was exhausted", he said. And helped him to have a new life, it's like a rebirth.

The studio's CEO and founder Michael Scott had reportedly not yet spoken with any of the 12 boys that had been trapped in the cave about the film, but did say he had reached out to those involved in the rescue. "Thank you so much to everyone that has been praying for us and the boys and helping us; thank you".

The parents have reportedly only been able to see their children through windows as they recover.

But he denied they were knocked out for the miraculous rescue. In the video, Volanthen is heard talking to the group, telling them at the time that they had been in the cave for 10 days and that many rescuers were coming to save them.

Some of the rescued boys in hospital.

The boys had earlier received an invitation to come watch the World Cup final in Russian Federation, but doctors said they could not go as they were still confined to their hospital beds.

Mr Volanthen also paid tribute to Thai navy diver Saman Kunan, who died while replenishing oxygen canisters, saying his death was an "absolute tragedy" and brought a "bittersweet" taste to an otherwise "excellent" operation.

In the cavern, one-by-one, the boys were fitted with 5mm-thick wetsuits and full-face scuba masks.

The boys lost on average 2kg during their ordeal but are said to be in good physical condition.

Even for some of the world's most experienced cave divers, it set a new standard for hard rescues.

"The first eight can talk", a doctor told media at a press conference on Wednesday.

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Police officers took photographs of each other at the massive cave entrance, as pumps continued to suck out huge volumes of water.

Isn't that wonderful? The Thai rescue mission has taught us one thing.

The final four boys and their 25-year-old coach were brought to safety on Tuesday, having entered the network for exploration on June 23 before it became flooded by monsoon rains.

Dr Harris was specially asked to be part of the rescue mission in Thailand because of his medical expertise and previous experience.

"The bravery and heroism I've witnessed is incredibly inspiring, so, yes, this will be a movie for us", he said. "Without him, in this operation, I don't think we could have succeeded".

Closer to home, Chiang Rai locals rejoiced at the odds-upsetting rescue bid.

"Wild Boars, keep fighting!" they chanted.

Narongsak said about half of the 13 foreign divers on the crack team of 18 who rescued the boys were British. They were told to remain calm and motionless as two divers prepared to tug them through murky waters and along guide ropes that had been put in place.

At the Wild Boars soccer shed, the club's head coach said he knew nothing of the team's forays into the cave, while others who knew them had feared the worst.

Kanthawong said he just wanted to support the team now that the players were out.