Mobile Introduces $5/Day International Pass With 512MB of LTE Data


T-Mobile and Verizon, in particular, eclipsed the 20 Mbps threshold in 4G download speeds for the first time. Last month, PCMag released the results of our annual Fastest Mobile Networks testing data speeds in 30 United States cities, with Verizon taking the crown.

Credit: OoklaSpeeds on the two devices for different carriers matched Ookla's overall Speed Scores, with one notable exception: iPhone Xs on Verizon's network were faster than the iPhones using T-Mobile's network.

The picture is almost identical in the report from Ookla, the makers of the Speedtest app. Ookla uses its more statistically-convoluted Speed Score, rather than a standard mean, so the numbers are a little different. T-Mobile and Verizon tied on 4G availability in OpenSignal's testing, while AT&T had the best 4G latency. Yeah, we're aware it's only July, but maybe you're looking to make a few purchases in advance. Unlike "road tests" of networks, which involves taking identical smartphones running on different networks to a bunch of different locations all over the country and running tests, the crowdsourced reports aren't controlled, and differences in methodology between the networks can introduce bias into the data. Fastest carrier is determined using a proprietary Speed Score, combining a measure of each carrier's download and upload speed to rank network speed performance.

"Our network was the fastest in almost half of the 100 cities Ookla examined-fastest in more cities than any other wireless provider by a wide margin", he said.

Again, Ookla saw a similar pattern.

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The report found that mobile download speeds improved by more than 20 percent year over year to an average download speed of 27.33Mbps.

T-Mobile has been leading the charge on making it extremely easy for American customers to continue using their US -based carrier when traveling internationally.

Compared to what rivals Verizon and AT&T charge for similar services, T-Mobile's International Data Pass is available at half the price.

Credit: OoklaBut Verizon can boast the best performance in cities.